Stools and Bottles Hardcover

Stools and Bottles Hardcover

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Some years ago the author of The Little Red Book worked out a novel presentation of the first four steps of the AA program. Visual aids, consisting of a three-legged stool and eight empty whiskey bottles, were used to portray the intangible factors of these fundamental steps.

The three legs of the stool illustrated Steps 1-2-3. The bottles graphically depicted the character defects revealed by Step 4. Later this became known as the "Stool and Bottle Talk."

This talk proved so helpful to alcoholics in all stages of recovery that many groups asked that it be presented to their membership at special meetings. These requests were frequently granted, but it was impossible to meet most of them. Lack of time and money curtailed them to a great extent.

Members claimed cumulative benefits from these meetings. Visually impressed with the principles of Steps 1-2-3-4, they improved upon their daily use.

Invariably, duplicate sets of bottles and reprints of the talk were requested. Because the talk was extemporaneous, and the bottles too costly, all of these requests could not be met.

But now it is possible to give the highlights of the talk, and to present the Stools and Bottles in this book which bears their name. Study groups may find the matter helpful.

To meet our need for quiet periods of thought and prayer, the book provides thirty-one daily reminders. They deal with AA problems commonly encountered by alcoholics who try to make A.A. their way of life.

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